Venice Carnival Italy 2024: Ticket Price, Dates, venue, Events, Masks, Program Schedule


The Venice Carnival is a spectacular event held each year in the beloved Italian city. This two-week-long festival is filled with parades, concerts, markets, and, notably, the exquisite Venetian masks. It transforms the entire city into a festive atmosphere, where everyone celebrates with joy as if there is no tomorrow.

Venice Carnival Italy Highlights

Venice Carnival 2024 Highlights



27 January to 13 February 2024


"To the Orient - Marco Polo's Amazing Journey"


Honoring Marco Polo, one of the greatest travelers


700th anniversary of Marco Polo's death (January 8, 1324)

Theme Essence:

Travel, discovery, and encounters with previously imagined worlds

Venice Carnival Italy

The Carnival of Venice stands out from carnivals in Spain or Brazil. Spanning ten days, people engage in the festivities by donning elaborate costumes and participating in organized parades or simple street processions.

The attire reflects seventeenth-century Venetian fashion, resembling scenes from a Canaletto painting. Throughout this period, numerous events and balls occur. While some are private and require invitations, others, though not private, are expensive, with tickets costing approximately €500 (£427.90).

Venice Carnival Party Cruise 2024

Don't miss the chance for exclusive evenings aboard the Venetian Galleon during Carnival. Experience the wildest nights of the year in the charming atmosphere of a historic boat.

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  • Sail past the picturesque islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello, offering captivating panoramic views.
  • Price for Adult is €130.00

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What Types of mask are worn at Venice Carnival Italy

Types of Venice Carnival Masks



Simple white mask with large nose and no mouth, traditionally worn with a black cape and tricorn hat. Common in early-modern Carnival and used for anonymous voting.


Half-length mask covering eyes and nose, adorned with coloured stones and feathers. Historically worn primarily by women, named after a character in commedia dell’arte.

Medico della Peste (Plague Doctor)

Distinctive mask with a long beak and wide, staring eyes. Originally invented as part of a 17th-century French doctor’s plague costume. Later adopted as a carnival mask during the festival's revival in the 1980s.

Where to Purchase

Explore artisan mask-maker ateliers such as Ca del Sol, Ca Macana Atelier Marega, or La Gioia. Avoid touristy shops and stalls near landmarks for an authentic and quality carnival mask experience.

What to Expect at Venice Carnival



Iconic Masks and Costumes

Experience the allure of elaborate masks and costumes, from traditional Venetian to contemporary designs.

Street Performances

Witness impromptu acts by jesters, acrobats, and musicians in narrow alleys, creating a lively atmosphere.

Gondola Parades

Float along grand canals in ornate gondolas, featuring historical re-enactments and operatic performances for an immersive experience.

Unique Festivities

Indulge in traditional Italian treats and Venetian cuisine, from frittelle to galani, satisfying your taste buds.

Traditional Games

Engage in carnival games and activities throughout the city. Experience exclusive masquerade balls in historic palazzos, complete with opulent décor and period costumes, bringing history to life.

Venice Carnival Italy Event Highlights

Highlights of Venice Carnival


1. Grand Opening Ceremony

The festival begins with a grand ceremony in St. Mark's Square, featuring music, performances, and the iconic "Flight of the Angel." Symbolizing the start of festivities, a chosen guest descends from the bell tower suspended on a rope.

2. Masked Balls and Parties

Lavish private masked balls and public parties in ornate palazzos, where guests adorned in period costumes and intricate masks dance under crystal chandeliers. A chance to immerse in the romance and mystery of Venice's bygone era.

3. Traditional Venetian Masks

Emblematic masks crafted by skilled artisans, including 'Bauta,' 'Columbina,' and 'Moretta,' each with its own history. Wearing a mask is a celebration of Venice's past, a timeless ritual embracing creativity and freedom.

4. Costume Competitions and Parades

Highlighting both amateur and professional costume designers, showcasing their talent in competitions and parades.

5. Street Performances

Animated streets with magicians, fire-eaters, living statues, jugglers, and storytellers, creating a magical atmosphere filled with unexpected delights.

6. Gondola Parades and Regattas

Spectacularly decorated gondolas along the Grand Canal, oarsmen in 17th-century attire, and races reflecting the competitive spirit of ancient Venetian society.

How to Reach Venice Carnival Italy

Vaporetto (Water Bus)

Take the vaporetto from stops like Rialto, San Marco, or Fondamenta Nuove to reach the Venice Carnival, enjoying a unique canal experience with scenic city views.


Venice has two main train stations, Santa Lucia and Mestre. From there, you can take a bus or vaporetto to reach the carnival. If arriving from other Italian cities, the train provides a convenient and comfortable option.

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